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Acropolis and schools in Greece are closed due to a heatwave


Greece endured its first heatwave of the summer on Wednesday, closing the popular tourist destination of the historic Acropolis, suspending classes, and stationing medics throughout the city.

In certain regions of the Mediterranean nation, temperatures were predicted to reach 43 degrees Celsius on Wednesday and Thursday due to southerly winds that carry hot air and dust from North Africa.

From midday to five p.m. the Acropolis hill—home to one of the most well-known archaeological monuments in the world, which contains the Parthenon temple—was closed, and Red Cross workers gave out water bottles to visitors.

The nation’s primary schools and nurseries will be closed for two days.

Greece falls into the regions in Europe most affected by the climate. Rising temperatures fuelled devastating wildfires last year, and unpredictable rains resulted in some of the worst flooding ever recorded, harming livelihoods and crops simultaneously.

Scientists claim that because last winter was the hottest on record and there wasn’t much rainfall, there will likely be more fires.

Much of southern Europe, including Portugal, France, Spain, and Italy, experienced similar conditions the previous year, when fires claimed the lives of several dozen people.

This year, fires in Greece have started earlier than anticipated; one started in March.

In anticipation of the week’s anticipated windy ends, which increases the possibility of flames spreading, police and firefighters were scouting woodlands from the air and on land on Wednesday.

Greece has increased staffing and training in the wake of the devastating wildfires that occurred last year, particularly on the island of Rhodes, which led to the largest evacuation during the period of peace.

(Source: Cyprus Mail)

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