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Climate scientists considered temperatures “impossible” for this year’s Olympics in Paris


The French weather forecaster Météo France has already projected warmer-than-average temperatures for July and August in relation to this year’s Olympics in Paris. Summer Olympics are currently considered “impossible” by scientists and athletes.

Extreme heat could make hosting the Olympics in the summer “impossible” in a few years, according to athletes and climate scientists.

Olympians are warning about the dangers of rising temperatures and how they might cause athletes to collapse or even die. They are working with scientists and heat physiologists from the University of Portsmouth to spread this warning.

The Olympics and other athletic organisations are urged to address climate change by the Rings of Fire: Heat Risks at the 2024 Paris Olympics report.

One suggestion is to move competition dates to occur during cooler months or at cooler hours of the day. The French weather forecaster Météo France has already forecast warmer-than-average temperatures for this year’s Olympics in Paris, stating that there is a 70% likelihood that July and August would be hotter than usual.

Kaitlyn Trudeau, senior research associate at Climate Central, said ahead of the report’s release: “Without concerted efforts to reduce carbon emissions there’s no doubt that the Earth’s temperatures are on a trajectory that will make it nearly impossible, if not completely impossible, to host summer Olympics.”

Researchers studying climate change examined the temperature differences between this year and 1924, the last time Paris held the Olympics.

They discovered that the weeks between July and August have an average 3.1C increase in temperature. Extreme heat is quite likely, according to scientists, who also mentioned that a heatwave in 2003 killed over 14,000 people in France.

Other recommendations from the report include:
* Urging sporting authorities to introduce better rehydration and cooling plans for athletes
* Empowering athletes to speak out on climate change
* Boosting collaboration between sporting bodies and athletes on climate awareness campaigns
* Reassessing fossil fuel sponsorship in sport.

The International Olympic Committee has devised a suite of measures to protect competitors from severe temperatures and has scheduled events to avoid heat, according to a representative for the organisation.

A statement was released stating that “providing athletes and spectators with the best and safest conditions possible are top priorities for the IOC and the entire Olympic Movement” and that temperatures at event venues will be continuously monitored.

(Source: Sky News)

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