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CTMA calls for the sea waters and pools to be regularly analysed


The Cyprys Turkish Medical Association (CTMA) emphasized that it is of great importance that sea and pool waters are regularly analysed and results are published in detail for public health.

Biological and chemical pollution that may be encountered in sea and pool waters can cause serious health problems. While bacteria, especially E. Coli and Salmonella, can cause gastrointestinal disorders; Norovirus and enteroviruses can cause stomach and intestinal infections. Additionally, parasites such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia can cause digestive diseases with symptoms such as diarrhoea and cramps. Heavy metals, pesticides and organic pollutants, which are among the chemical pollutions, have toxic effects that can lead to cancer and hormonal disorders in the long term.

Last week, water analyses were carried out by the Ministry of Health on 102 beaches in June. However, it did not contain any details indicating that there were no findings that threatened human health in the beach waters. The superficial explanation of Analysis was not satisfactory. Moreover, water analyses of pools open to public use, have not been disclosed yet.

Analyses must be carried out by accredited laboratories in accordance with international standards. Microbiological tests, chemical analyses, especially chlorine levels, and physical parameters need to be regularly checked and announced. CTMA said that they would also like to emphasize the need to inspect not only water pollution but also the environmental cleanliness of beaches.

Children, and the elderly and individuals with weak immune systems are more sensitive to such pollution. For this reason, before entering the water, water should be checked to be clean, and in case of doubt, authorities should be notified.

“We will continue our work on public health and closely follow this issue. We expect the Ministry of Health to show more sensitivity and take precautions against situations that threaten public health. We demand that the Ministry take a more proactive approach, and announce more convincing analysis results, and urgently implement the necessary regulations in cooperation with the Environment Agency and Local Governments. We wish our people a healthy and safe summer.” the statement by CTMA said.

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