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Erdogan, denounces the terror in Dagestan, Russia


Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey, expressed his sympathies to Russian President Vladimir Putin over the phone on Tuesday and denounced the terror attacks that took place over the weekend in the Dagestan region of Russia.

“In the phone call, President Erdogan stated that Türkiye is against all forms of terrorism and strongly condemns the attacks,” said Türkiye’s Communications Directorate on X.

“He expressed condolences to the Russian people for those who lost their lives and wished a speedy recovery for the injured,” it added.

Erdogan declared that Ankara will keep pushing for an end to all hostilities in the area.

The Health Ministry announced on Tuesday that another policeman passed away in the hospital on Monday night, bringing the total number of people killed in terrorist acts in the Dagestan area of Russia to 21. The victims included five civilians, including a priest, and 16 police officers.

In the Dagestani cities of Derbent and Makhachkala, the attackers targeted Orthodox churches, synagogues, and a traffic police post on Sunday.

Ramazan Atziev, a member of the Russian Guard Corps who was a first responder at the Holy Dormition Cathedral in Makhachkala, was also murdered in the attack.

(Source: AA)

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