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Famagusta Ravelin Lions Club and SAGM unite: 7-day Beach Clean-up update


A three-stage beach, pond and sea cleaning was carried out in cooperation with Famagusta Ravelin Lions Club and EMU SAGM (Eastern Mediterranean University Underwater Research and Imaging Center).
According to a statement by Famagusta Ravelin Lions Club, the cleaning carried out within the framework of environmental activities with the slogan “A Sustainable World” lasted for 7 days.
The first stage of cleaning started undersea in the EMU Beach Club area with 10 divers. Wastes such as bags, glass, plastic and nets that could harm Caretta Carettas and other sea creatures were collected.
In the submarine event, divers cleaned a 20-kilometer area in a total of 3 days.

Then, a team of 50 people worked together to collect waste on the EMU Beach Club seaside, and the area around the Caretta Caretta nests have been covered for protection.

Finally, the shore of the pond and its surroundings at EMU Beach Club have been cleaned by a team of 30 people and a clean area has been provided for the flamingos.

A statement by the club said that they thank the SAGM team, the volunteered Famagusta Ravelin Club LEO and CUB members for supporting the cleaning process, and called for the public to keep our planet and beaches clean for a more sustainable world.

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