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Food worth 1 million Euros sold to South


Sales from North to South Cyprus within the scope of the Green Line Regulation were discussed.

Containers, construction materials, and food products are exported to South Cyprus through the Green Line Regulation and in 2023, various food products, especially fresh fish and potatoes, were sold too.

Fresh fish sales lead the line…

Within the scope of the Green Line Regulation, goods worth 15 million 465 thousand 641 Euros were sold to South Cyprus in 2023. 950 thousand 852 Euro of this amount were food sales. Potatoes, cherry tomatoes, kolokas (Cyprus potatoe), onions, watermelons, strawberries, tomatoes, melons, clementine and ‘processed food’ produced in North, were exported to the South with fresh fish sold for 788 thousand Euros.

Sales from North to South Cyprus within the scope of the Green Line Regulation has exceeded 15 million Euros in 2023.

Among top ten in exported product lists; The total sales of prefabricated containers, construction materials, wooden furniture, plastic products, waste/scrap products, fresh fish, mattresses, paper and cardboard products, fruits-vegetables and potatoes were sold for 15 million 465 thousand 641.53 Euros.

Food is also imported from South Cyprus. In 2023, fresh fish, cherry tomatoes, kolokas, onions, watermelons, strawberries, tomatoes, melons, clementine, tangerines, potatoes and ‘processed food’ were imported from the South.

Food products exported to South Cyprus in 2023 brought an income of 950 thousand 852 Euros.

Fish, which was also an exported food item from the North in 2023, was the most profitable product. Potatoes were second announced.

Accordingly; Last year, fish exports to the south brought an income of 788 thousand 74.06 Euros; and Potatoes 68 thousand 341 Euros.

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Atakan: Exports from North side take place in presence of EU with permission by Chamber of Commerce

President of the Fishermen’s Union, Kemal Atakan, stated that the process for fish exports to South Cyprus is to undergo hygiene tests by European Union (EU) officials.

Atakan pointed out the conditions which are boats being painted making sure they are not rusty, and that fresh fish are transferred to the South with the permission of the Chamber of Commerce and the EU.

Atakan also said that a notebook is given to the fishermen in order to track the exports under control. Fishermen need to provide details such as the type of fish caught, how much it weighs? and how much is exported, etc.”

“Production will increase if support increases too”

Fishermen’s Union President Kemal Atakan stated that fresh fish are transferred to the south during working hours, with permission from the Chamber of Commerce.

“We have not been able to make statistics regarding this issue for so many years. Because fishermen are afraid of providing information as they fear of paying taxes. Because taxes are imposed on insured fishermen. This is an island country, if taxes did not apply, on the contrary, if fishermen were supported more, more fish would be caught.” Atakan said.

Atakan underlined that fishermen cannot fully benefit from the incentives and said, “There is little support, but we are in a period that inputs are very expensive. If support increases, production will increase too,” he added.

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