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GC Antinos Artemi receives 18 month prison sentence after gun possession!


The Lefkoşa High Criminal Court has sentenced Greek Cypriot Antinos Artemi to 18 months in prison for possessing a firearm.

2 guns and bullets were previously detected in Artemi’s vehicle following a search conducted by police shortly after he had crossed from South to North of Cyprus via Metehan (Agios Dometios) checkpoint in Nicosia.

The judge announced that he was found guilty from “unlawfully carrying firearms, and the possession of explosives”.

The judge stated that the crime of possessing a firearm, for which the defendant was convicted, is a crime that poses a danger to society. The judge said that the increasing violence in the country and the increase in the use of weapons in crimes such as murder and injury is causing serious concern for all members of society.

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