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North Cyprus bans entry to forests to prevent fires


Strict measures have been implemented to prevent forest fires as temperatures are on the rise. Picnic and barbecue will be prohibited. It has been reported that all forest roads have also been closed.

With the island on high alert, the Forestry Department urged the public to exercise extreme caution during outdoor activities, refraining from actions that may spark fires. Authorities stress the importance of immediate reporting via hotline numbers ‘177’ or ‘199’ upon detecting any signs of smoke or fire.

Among other things, it points out that it is forbidden to burn grass, branches or rubbish, or to throw away cigarette butts.

The decisions is as follows:

“According to the law, it is forbidden to light a fire between May 1 and October 31. It is essential that special attention is paid to the preventive measures to avoid fires between these dates. This practice will continue until further notice.

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