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Theft gang busted, police seize stolen duty-free goods!


17 individuals have been arrested following an extensive investigation carried out in Safaköy and many duty-free goods have been seized.

A police report said that following a large-scale investigation carried out in three separate apartments in Safaköy, due to theft incidents and breaking into houses in June, a total of 660 undeclared mobile phones, 30 laptops, many computer speakers, various beverages and Chinese food products, a total of 15,845 TL, 3,985 US Dollars, 5,615 Yuan Chinese currency, 30,000 Kyat Myanmar currency and 72 Ringgit Malaysian cash money were detected and taken as evidence.

The 17 individuals, [H.M.(M-27), S.W.(M-31), T.L.(M-22), Z.X.(M-24), J.W.(M-27), G.J.(M-36). ), P.Z.(M-22), J.W.(M-35), W.L.(M-25), W.H.(M-32), X.B.(M-27), J.L.(M-22), J.H.(M-55) , C.X.(M-37), X.G.(M-36), C.X.(M-38) and L.X.(M-35)] have been arrested.

The police also detected that two suspects were discovered to be residing in the country without a residence permit.

An investigation continues.

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