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Üstel “ IPC is an effective domestic remedy for immovable property applications”


Prime Minister Ünal Üstel made statements on the current developments regarding the individuals arrested in South of Cyprus for unauthorized construction on Greek Cypriot properties in North of Cyprus.

“It should be known that the Immovable Property Commission,(IPC) which has been recognized as an effective domestic remedy by the European Court of Human Rights to evaluate the applications of the Greek Cypriots, has been working effectively since the day it was established despite all the efforts of the Greek Cypriot leadership to prevent it,” said Üstel, adding that as the government, they have shown a special sensitivity to the issue of the Immovable Property Commission continuing to work as an effective domestic remedy within the framework of international law criteria.

He noted that thanks to the new funds and resources they have created for the payment of compensation without delay, nearly 70 million pounds have been paid in the last few months and will continue to be paid to a large number of non-controversial files that have been concluded with a compensation decision.

Underlining that they continue to finalize the ongoing files rapidly with the resources created with political stability and determination, he said, “While this is the case, it is not acceptable for the Greek Cypriot leadership to take the issue to the courts in a way that targets individuals and to use property and law for political purposes by trying to create precedent cases as it has done in the past.”

He emphasized that they condemn these initiatives, which have almost turned into a usurpation of human rights, against those who act in accordance with the property regime in the country, which is applied in accordance with international law and the European Convention on Human Rights.

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( Source: BRT)

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