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Valedictorian’s speech at University of Cyprus sparks controversy


The valedictorian speech of Lambros Dionysiou, an undergraduate student at the School of Pure and Applied Sciences at the University of Cyprus, rattled audiences as he described the pervasive cronyism in Cyprus and the factors driving young people to migrate in search of opportunities.

“I leave without knowing if and when I will return because I know that if I stay in Cyprus, there will come a time when someone will be considered better, not because of their knowledge, skills, and experience, but because of their party membership and family connections.

I leave because this country only manages to disappoint and clip the wings of its youth,” Lambros stated, among other things, in his speech, which received loud applause from the attendees.

However, his words also caused unease as he detailed the numerous challenges faced by the new generation in Cyprus.

Watch his speech in Greek at 1:18:00:

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