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A €60 million project launches for bus stops


Ambitious initiative aims to improve waiting conditions and service quality for commuters in Cyprus (South).

According to a report on Philenews, Cyprus is poised to witness a groundbreaking transformation in its public transportation system through an ambitious project aimed at upgrading bus stops across the island. With an allocated budget of €60 million, the initiative seeks to put an end to the longstanding predicament faced by citizens waiting for buses under unfavorable weather conditions.
The project’s key highlights, as outlined in the report, include a comprehensive coverage plan over five years, encompassing urban areas, communities, and even the Troodos region. The contracted company responsible for the project aims to construct approximately 1,000 shelters annually, resulting in a total of around 5,100 bus stops by the end of the five-year period.
Priority will be given to installing new bus stops and shelters along busy public transportation routes to ensure efficient service and convenience for commuters, according to the report.
The project encompasses an array of facilities, such as 350 state-of-the-art smart stops, 1,350 new small shelters, 650 new large shelters, and 100 large shelters especially designed for mountainous areas.
Additionally, the restoration of 600 existing large shelters, creation of 2,000 simplified stops, integration of photovoltaic systems, installation of 500 electronic signs, placement of 450 trash bins, provision of 200 bike racks along with 20 bike stations, and construction and enhancement of pedestrian pavements surrounding the bus stops are all part of this ambitious endeavor.
Furthermore, in line with the installation of new bus stops, existing stops will be diligently maintained and repurposed for secondary roads with lower bus traffic. Dilapidated stops will be recycled to ensure sustainable and efficient utilization of resources.
Funding for the project is a collaborative effort, with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) contributing 65% of the finances, while the remaining 35% will be sourced from national funds, according to the report on Philenews.
( Source Kathimerini Cyprus)

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