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Children’s book: Barışın Sesi (The Sound of Peace) promoted!


An event was held over the weekend for the promotion of the children’s book, ‘Barışın Sesi’, published in 3 languages.

In a written statement on behalf of Khora Publishing, the editor of the book, Nazen Şansal said that the event which was held behind Büyük Han in Lefkoşa (Nicosia), attached special importance to the literature of children and youth aiming to inspire the values of peace and ecology in them.

Author İsfendiyar Pilli who spoke in Turkish and Greek noted that he tried to metaphorically reflect the will for peace on the island in the book.

Pilli pointed to the importance of education and art in the development of peace culture, “Peace culture is an approach against violence, conflicts and discrimination. This attitude is very important for the peaceful co-existence of the people. Many different factors must come together in a culture of peace; A culture of peace needs to be established in education, religion, politics, art, communication, and issues such as laws and human rights.” Pilli said.


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