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Major difference between North-South Cyprus public transportation!


While vehicles used for public transportation are falling apart in the north side of Cyprus, the south side are starting to use electric vehicles for public transportation.

Those who use public transportation in North Cyprus are forced to travel in non-air-conditioned vehicles despite the scorching hot weather.

Passengers are demanding for solutions to be found against the unbearable public transportation conditions, the insufficiency of routes to desired areas and the lack of a frequent timetable of public transportation.
According to Kıbrıs Newspaper, many vehicles serving on short routes between 0-11 km, either do not have air conditioning or do not operate them, and instead drivers open windows for cool air circulation.
Fuat Topaloğlu, Head of the Cyprus Turkish Contemporary Public Vehicles Operators Association (KAR-İŞ) said that public transportation vehicles have air conditioning, even for intercity routes but that due to doors constantly opening and closing at stops, air conditioning was becoming ineffective. Topaloğlu underlined the importance of air conditioners being put on stating that it was not possible to travel in vehicles without air conditioning.


Meanwhile Cyprus Public Transport (CPT) in South Cyprus unveiled its first fleet of electric urban buses last week
. With their integration into the existing fleet, the buses are set to commence service on various routes in the coming days, according to an official announcement.
The press release issued by CPT highlighted the key features of the new Yutong electric buses, emphasising their accessibility and eco-conscious design. Measuring 12 metres in length, these buses can accommodate up to 80 passengers, including designated priority seats and a dedicated wheelchair area.
Operating entirely on electric power, the vehicles boast the ability to run throughout the day on a single charge. Equipped with amenities such as air conditioning, 5G Wi-Fi, closed circuit surveillance cameras, and USB chargers, they offer a comfortable and convenient commuting experience with no engine noise or vibrations, CPT said.

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