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North Cyprus ranks 81st in World Press Freedom index


North Cyprus fell to 81st place in 2022 in the World Press Freedom Index.

The Cyprus Turkish Journalists Association made a statement in front of the Parliament building on May 3 World Press Freedom Day.

It was noted that while North Cyprus ranked 76th in the World Press Freedom index in 2021, it fell to 81st place in 2022, “We want to see the days when the Turkish Cypriot media will be in the top 10 in this index”, it was noted.
Head of the Union Emin Akkor emphasized that freedom of the press is indispensable for the Journalists’ Union and that they will never compromise any other way.
Akkor expressed his concerns about the freedom of the press and expression in the country.
At the end of the statement, pigeons carrying slogans of freedom of the press were released into the air.


Meanwhile, the Standard Eurobarometer 98 Survey announced in the past weeks revealed that the Turkish Cypriot community does not trust the media.
It was also revealed by the predominantly given answers that the community seriously distrusted the media, and that distorted news was problematic and undermining democracy by 94%.
Answers given to the statement, “The media of the Turkish Cypriot community provides reliable information”, attracted attention. Optimistic/pessimistic responses to this statement were “Yes, definitely” and “Yes, a little bit” 47%, “No, not much” and “No, not at all” 52%. It was reflected in the report that more than half of the community did not find the Turkish Cypriot media reliable, it reports.

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