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PM Üstel “Our greatest goal is to establish an electrical interconnector system with Türkiye”


Prime Minister Ünal Üstel said that the government’s goal is to provide the public and the country with clean and affordable energy. Üstel stated that their main goal was to realize electricity and cable projects and to establish an interconnector system with Türkiye.
“Some are trying to condemn us to buying electricity from the Greek Cypriot side which is three times more expensive. But we will not allow this to happen,” he said.
Prime Minister Üstel said that no action should endanger the life and property of people, “Everybody has a democratic right to take action. But if this action is victimizing the public and threatening the safety of life and property, then the state will intervene and do whatever is necessary,” he said.
Üstel likened the actions taken as sabotage and attack against the rights and interests of the people.
Stating that the project of bringing electricity and the interconnector system via cable is not a project that can be realized in a very short time, Üstel stated that this still had to be revealed in the reports.
According to the first reports, the project will only be achieved 4 years after the project is put into practice, Üstel said and added “Therefore, we must guarantee our energy supply for a few years until the system is established,” he said.

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