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Problems are being experienced in protecting animals!


Problems are being experienced at animal shelters on both sides of Cyprus, it has been reported.
Head of the Güzelyurt Animal Protection Association Rana Sarro criticized the animal shelter belonging to the Güzelyurt Municipality stating that the animals there are living in harsh and bad conditions.
Issuing a written statement on behalf of the association, Sarro claimed that the animals at the shelter are not being taken care of, and are not being given water and food. He slammed the conditions of the animal shelters saying they were “insufficient”.
Sarro noted that dogs were being kept and left to die in very small wired caged areas by the Güzelyurt Municipality. No one, she said was taking responsibility for the sick dogs that are already dead and remain in the cages.
The animals are striving to live in a stuffy, warm and small area, Sarro said and also criticized the Veterinary Department’s Güzelyurt Branch, claiming that the Department only issued a warning and did nothing else.
Sarro criticized all veterinarians operating in the region, and all city council members for being insensitive, and strongly condemned those who were just turning a blind eye to the situation.


Meanwhile, The Movement of Ecologists – Citizens’ Cooperation ( Cyprus- South )made an announcement regarding the closure of a private shelter in Kornos. It is stated that , there is growing alarm about the fate of 21 dogs previously housed there, especially considering that several of these animals require urgent medical treatment.
According to the party, the shelter in question served eleven communities, namely Kornos, Pyrga, Delikipos, Anafotia, Anglisides, Mosfiloti, Psevdas, Kofinou, Ayia Anna, Shia, and Lymbia. With the closure of the facility, concerns arise regarding the future handling of stray animals in these areas.
It is worth noting that according to the law, all municipalities and communities are mandated to maintain appropriate and approved shelters for stray animals, the party noted.
“The situation has reached a breaking point,” the party said, stressing that the responsibility for the 21 dogs residing in the Kornos shelter lies not with the dedicated volunteers but squarely with the government.
“Immediate solutions must be sought from the competent ministries to ensure the complete coverage of medical expenses for the dogs and their prompt transfer to a safe alternative facility. Furthermore, urgent action is called for from the Veterinary Services, the designated authorities responsible for inspecting and approving these establishments, to conduct thorough inspections without delay,” the Greens said.

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