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Protocol signed to improve conditions for stray animals in Girne!


A joint agreement has been signed between the Girne Municipality (Kyrenia) and the Cyprus Turkish Veterinarians Association (KTVHB) within the scope of the ‘Neutering of Stray Animals Project’ at the Girne Municipality Animal Shelter.
According to the written statement by the Girne Municipality, a protocol was signed at the new building of the Girne Municipality by the head of the Cyprus Turkish Veterinarians Association Mustafa Erk and the Girne Mayor Murat Şenkul.
The protocol, which refers to the danger of animal health and welfare due to the increase in the number of dogs on the streets, which are harming human, animal and environmental health within the borders of Girne Municipality, covers the steps to be taken to ensure that the dogs can live in better conditions.

– Activities to be carried out within the scope of the protocol are as follows:

-Stray dogs to be sterilized to prevent them from reproducing.

-Ensuring that the sterilized animals are housed in suitable conditions following surgery for care and observation for one week.

-Ensuring that every sterilized dog is microchip-registered with the Veterinary Department.

-Stray dogs to receive individual medical care and control under appropriate conditions at the Girne Municipality Animal Shelter for a one-week until they are adopted.

-The launching of work and campaign efforts for the adoption of sterilized dogs.

-Providing written, visual and virtual media information to prevent pets from being left on the street.

“We are running for stray animals”
“Approximately one and a half million Turkish Lira in funds is expected to be allocated from the “Pasha Group Girne Half Marathon 2023, the 4th to be held this year for the benefit of our ‘pawed friends’. The contributions aim to establish a project that will include a pet hotel and will also gather pet lover organizations at the Girne Municipality Animal Shelter”, the statement said.

The funds to be collected from the marathon on Sunday April 30th will be used for ‘our pawed friends’ to have better living conditions.

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