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Reactions against the ban on single-use plastics!


While North Cyprus is heading towards implementing the regulation on prohibiting the use of plastic bags and single-use plastic products, plastic bag manufacturers have brought the issue to the High Administrative Court via the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry (KTSO).

Objecting to the 6 months given for the regulation of the prohibition of plastic bags with handles to be enforced, Chamber officials are demanding a transition period of 3-4 years.

The law that bans plastic bags enters into force on 11 July 2023


According to Kıbrıs newspaper, the Head of the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry (KTSO) Ali Kamacıoğlu said that plastic bag manufacturers brought this issue to the courts through the Chamber of Industry.
Kamacıoğlu stated that they were not against banning plastic bags and single-use plastic products, but that, as is the case all over the world, a reasonable transition period needed to be enforced before the plastic products were banned.

“We propose that a 3-4 year transition period is given and then after that, the ban can be enforced,” Ali Kamacıoğlu is cited as saying.

Companies that produce plastic products have incentives and debts previously received from the state for the machines. They cannot turn off these machines and throw them away. During the transition period, they need to prepare themselves and move on to other business lines,” he said.


Director of the Environmental Protection Department Abdullah Aktolgalı said that they aim to reduce the use of plastics that persist in nature for a long time.
Aktolgalı said that the Environmental Protection Department will require certain conditions from companies or firms that import these products.

The alternative products for plastic bags are cloth bags, Aktolgalı said and emphasized that not all of the plastics at markets will be removed but that there will be some conditions.

Aktolgalı pointed out that instead of single-use plastic products, all kinds of products with the phrase “Reusable”, meaning can be used more than once, will be permitted for import following approval by all concerned parties.


Necat Yuksel, a plastic bag manufacturer and supplier of plastic packaging, said that in such a case, both the retail and food industries would be in a dilemma.

Yüksel argued that the cost of alternative products is both higher and that there are supply problems experienced. Reminding that it was decided that the relevant regulation would enter into force 6 months after the decision was taken, Yüksel stated that the suppliers or importers did not know what to do with the products they bought with long-term agreements or the stocks in their hands.

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