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Salary and interest on deposit accounts to be deducted!


The “Financial Assistance and Preparedness for Earthquake and Other Natural Disasters Regulation Law”, prepared by the government to create resources for earthquakes, was passed by the General Assembly of the Republic’s Assembly with a majority of votes.
Along with the law that envisages salary cuts in the public and private sector, additional taxes were also voted on with 26 in favour and 7 against.
16 deputies did not participate in the voting.
2% will be deducted from employees whose gross salary is between 15 -75 thousand TL
5% will be deducted from those who earn a gross salary of more than 75 thousand TL.
Individuals that do not wish to have deductions made from their salaries will be able to fill in a petition.
Deductions will be on interests of bank accounts of deposits above 100 thousand TL.
A deduction of 1% will be calculated from the interest of TL deposits and 2% from the interest of foreign currency deposits.
With this regulation, the net interest income of depositors will decrease.
The government expects to collect 1 billion TL in 9 months with the cuts and taxes.

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