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Social media account hacking on the rise, police warn

Police warned on Monday that incidents of social media accounts being hacked, particularly Viber, are on the rise and urged people not to reveal passwords they may receive, to anyone.
In a press release, police Cybercrime Subdivision said that users have been receiving a message from someone they know on Viber letting them know that they will receive a password and that they should reveal that password to them.
“In reality this password has to do with the account of the person receiving the message not the sender, who is already using the hacked account of another unsuspecting victim,” the press release added.
People are urged to be particularly careful when receiving such messages and not reveal any passwords they may receive to anyone.
The are also encouraged to enable two-factor authentication in the security settings of their various electronic accounts, check the appliances which they use for their accounts and their personal data on Facebook and Instagram and in case they do not have access to some of them to delete them. They are also advised to change their security passwords regularly and use different passwords for different accounts.

( Source CNA)

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