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4 arrested for illegal drugs in Girne!


Two individuals aged 43 and 58 were arrested in Girne (Kyrenia) yesterday following a police raid by the Prevention of Narcotics and Smuggling team.
According to a police report, a dried plant material believed to contain 10 grams of synthetic cannabinoid-type drugs, 5 pieces of paper with contents of a synthetic cannabinoid-type drug, a cannabis-type drug weighing approximately 2 grams, and 2 burned tip rolled cigarettes believed to contain drugs were detected in a vehicle used by the 43-year-old at around noon yesterday and taken as evidence.
The individuals in question have been arrested.
Following further inquiries, a search was carried out at the 43-year-old individual’s residence, and paper with contents believed to have synthetic cannabinoid-type drugs was confiscated too.

Meanwhile, a search was carried out at a 26-year-old individual’s residence believed to have links to the operation. 2 pieces of paper with the same drugs (synthetic cannabinoid-type drugs) inside them and 400 TL believed to have been obtained from the sale of drugs, were detected and taken as evidence.
The individuals in question have been arrested and another 55-year-old individual believed to have links has also been arrested.

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