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Head of Met Office Buran “We are in need of an urgent action plan”


Head of the Meteorology Department Raif İlker Buran said that average temperatures are increasing by 0.8 to 1 degree by the day and that there is a need for an emergency action plan.
Director of the Meteorology Department Buran spoke in line with the 23 March World Meteorology Day.
Buran said:
“Our region is among the most affected by global warming and climate change. Every year, we observe that the average temperatures increase by around 0.8 to 1.0 °C compared to the previous year. Contrary to seasonal forecasts, meteorological droughts, excessive rainfall, high waters, and floods continue to threaten the world. There is an urgent need for action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure that future generations both survive and thrive on our planet. Fortunately, rapid scientific and technological developments have greatly increased the consistency of weather forecasts, warnings, early warnings, and seasonal forecasts. Thanks to technology, everyone can reach meteorological forecasts speedily. We all have the same opinion that our weather, climate, and water cycle will be different in the future than in the past. We must leave a clean and liveable environment and unpolluted water resources to future generations. In line with World Meteorology Day, March 23, I congratulate all meteorology staff and volunteers for their support on the occasion and wish them healthy days”

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