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Record low turnout in North Cyprus by-election!


The North Cyprus by-election for a seat in parliament held yesterday was completed with a low turnout. Only 29.92 percent of citizens cast their votes in Sunday’s by-elections, it has been reported.

While 60 thousand 165 of the votes were considered valid, 2 thousand 711 votes were deemed invalid.
According to unofficial results, the elected deputy candidate of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Sami Özuslu received 26,327 votes and accomplished in the lead with 43.76 percent of the votes.
The elected deputy candidate of the National Unity Party (UBP) Ali Başman who followed behind, received 22 thousand 842 votes reaching 37.97 percent of the votes.

The Supreme Election Board (YSK) announced the North Cyprus by-election unofficial results as follows:
Tacan Reynar (TDP): 1.24%
Ali Basman (UBP): 37.97%
Sami Özuslu (CTP): 43.76%
Figen Yaman Lesinger (YDP): 4.66%
Serhan Aktunc (DP): 6.60%
Umut Ersoy (Bağımsızlık Yolu) (Independence Path): 1.30%
Çetin Sadeli (Independent): 0.83%
Abdullah Korkmazhan (Independent): 1.28%
Alper Özsakınç (Independent): 0.19%
Talip Sancar (Independent): 0.85%
Meriç Erülkü, (Independent): 0.50%
Mert Taşkın (Independent): 0.68%
Nazım Özsever (Independent): 0.13%

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