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Tatar says creation of French naval base in South of Cyprus not legal


Turkish Cypriot Leader Ersin Tatar has said that the establishment of a French military base in South of Cyprus and the ongoing sales of arms by the US constitute a clear and explicit violation of the founding agreements of Cyprus.

“The violation of the founding, alliance, and guarantee agreements signed in 1960 by Cyprus also brings into question the sovereign British bases on the island,” Tatar said.

In an interview with the Anadolu News Agency, President Tatar said that plans by France to establish a naval base in Larnaca, as well as the sale of US military equipment to Greek Cypriots was a clear and explicit violation of the founding agreements of the 1960 Cyprus Republic.

Tatar reminded that the Greek Cypriot side had expressed its commitment to the three agreements under the titles of “establishment, alliance, and guarantees,” which were signed by Cyprus, Türkiye, the United Kingdom, and Greece in 1960, in order to establish the Republic of Cyprus and secure international legitimacy, on every platform.

He pointed out that France or any other state could not establish a base or carry out arms shipments to the island without the
approval of Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Greece.

Tatar also stated that the legality of the two sovereign British bases on the island will also be brought to question if the founding, alliance, and guarantee agreements of the 1960 Republic of Cyprus, which are also international agreements, are violated in any way. “Such a violation of these agreements also puts the United Kingdom’s position here in a troubled” he said.

( Source BRT)

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