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The inter-communal band Island Seeds unveils their first single: “Stray Cat”


Island Seeds, the musical collective born within Nicosia’s buffer zone, announced the release of their new single, “Stray Cat.”
Island Seeds is currently on tour around Cyprus, presenting their upcoming album, produced by Home for Cooperation’s United by Sound program coordinator and musician Lefteris Moumtzis.
The first single from the album, Stray Cat, was released on Saturday the 10th of June and will soon be available to stream on all music platforms.

The song’s lyrics vividly depict the captivating life of a stray cat, drawing symbolic parallels to the pursuit of freedom and the breaking of boundaries. As the band explains:
“We just love watching stray cats move around! These little rebels make roofs their own, jump over walls, scoop under wires, and show utter disregard for man’s structures. We found that kind of playfulness and curiosity inspiring and sought to capture these traits musically.”
Island Seeds comprises of Ezgi Akgürgen on vocals, Alexis Sunder on guitar and vocals, Cemre Arca on flute, keys, and vocals, Alexandros Komodromos on electric guitar, Arman Tatlicioglu on electric bass, Alexandra Astreou-Karides on electric guitar and Ulaş Öğüç on drums.
The island-wide tour of the Island Seeds is continuing with two more performances at Hoi Polloi in Nicosia on the 15th of June, and at Mağusa Kale Pasajı in Famagusta on the 30th of June, while the band is also set to play at this year’s Fengaros Festival at Kato Drys on August 4th. As part of their tour, Island Seeds already performed in Savino in Larnaca on the 19th of May and in Technopolis20 in Paphos on the 20th of May. Further information about the tour and the band can be found on Home for Cooperation’s website and social media accounts.

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