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CTP Deputy Candan “I will be the voice of the Champion Angels everywhere”


Speaking at the AKPA General Assembly, the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Deputy Armağan Candan wore a ‘Champion Angels’ T-shirt in memory of the Champion Angels whilst speaking of the earthquake disaster.

Candan who shared a statement on social media said, “I promised the Champion Angels and their families, that I will be their voice everywhere, and will fight for their rights. I made a 3-minute speech on the earthquake, in memory of the ‘Champion Angels’ wearing the T-shirt during a session at the AKPA General Assembly held at the European Parliament”.

Deputy Candan said that 50 Turkish Cypriots were among those who lost their lives in the earthquake that took place in Türkiye.

“Unfortunately, there were no survivors among our children from the Gazimağusa (Famagusta) volleyball team who were staying at the Isias Hotel in Adıyaman,” he added.

“I am delivering this speech in memory of our children who lost their lives and their families. It is impossible to describe the pain we are going through. Judicial proceedings have been initiated. We will follow the judicial processes until every single person responsible for the buildings that caused our people to lose their lives in the earthquake is punished. For us, human life is important. People shouldn’t have to die in unsafe buildings. Lessons should be learned and new buildings should be built accordingly,” CTP Deputy Armağan Candan said.

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