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If there is political will Cyprus talks could resume, Christodoulides says

Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Christodoulides has expressed certainty that, if there is political will, the talks for a solution of the Cyprus issue could resume and a positive result could be achieved based on the agreed framework.

During the Council of Ministers’ session’s opening remarks, Christodoulides emphasized that reigniting the Cyprus talks stands as the “number one priority.” He acknowledged the ongoing efforts of the personal envoy of the Secretary-General, expressing appreciation for her persistence in facilitating dialogue.

Christodoulides highlighted the envoy’s message, indicating international community support for talks based on the agreed framework. Despite responding to invitations to engage in dialogue, he lamented the lack of reciprocation from the Turkish side thus far. Nonetheless, he affirmed the continuation of efforts in this regard.

“If there is political will, I am sure that the talks can resume, and I am sure that there can be a positive result always based on the agreed framework” he said.

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