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TC leader Tatar: “We are ready to share the water from Türkiye with South Cyprus”


Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar issued a statement regarding the water transferred to North Cyprus from Türkiye.

Turkish Cypriot leader Tatar announced that he is ready to share the water transferred from Türkiye to North Cyprus with the Greek Cypriot side.

Addressing a workshop titled, “Efficiency on Natural Resources and Alternative Energy Solutions” Ersin Tatar said, “We are ready to share both the water and the natural resources surrounding the island with the Greek Cypriot side on the condition that it is equally based between the two equal sovereign states.”

Stating that the Greek Cypriot side only sees itself as the sole authority on the island, Tatar said, “They want to disregard the TRNC (North Cyprus) and put us under the authority of the Republic of Cyprus.”
Noting that the Turkish Cypriot side will only sit at the negotiating table with the acceptance of two equal sovereign states, Tatar said, “Our new policy is the acceptance of the TRNC as an equal sovereign state. Motherland Türkiye is our greatest supporter of this new policy”.

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